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The measure of systematic risk is called

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The accounts of delphinia​ dreams, inc. showed the following balances at the beginning of​ october: account debit raw materials inventory $ 34 comma 000 workminusinminusprocess inventory 40 comma 000 finished goods inventory 51 comma 000 manufacturing overhead 21 comma 000 during the​ month, direct materials amounting to $ 21 comma 000 and indirect materials amounting to $ 4 comma 000 were issued to production. what is the ending balance in the workminusinminusprocess inventory account following these two​ transactions
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Annuity payments are assumed to come at the end of each payment period (termed an ordinary annuity). however, an exception occurs when the annuity payments come at the beginning of each period (termed an annuity due). what is the future value of a 13-year annuity of $2,800 per period where payments come at the beginning of each period? the interest rate is 9 percent. use appendix c for an approximate answer, but calculate your final answer using the formula and financial calculator methods. to find the future value of an annuity due when using the appendix tables, add 1 to n and subtract 1 from the tabular value. for example, to find the future value of a $100 payment at the beginning of each period for five periods at 10 percent, go to appendix c for n = 6 and i = 10 percent. look up the value of 7.716 and subtract 1 from it for an answer of 6.716 or $671.60 ($100 × 6.716)
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Randall's, inc. has 20,000 shares of stock outstanding with a par value of $1.00 per share. the market value is $12 per share. the balance sheet shows $42,000 in the capital in excess of par account, $20,000 in the common stock account, and $50,500 in the retained earnings account. the firm just announced a 5 percent (small) stock dividend. what will the balance in the retained earnings account be after the dividend?
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Haley photocopying purchases a paper from an out-of-state vendor. average weekly demand for paper is 150 cartons per week for which haley pays $15 per carton. in bound shipments from the vendor average 1000 cartoons with an average lead time of 3 weeks. haley operates 52 weeks per year; it carries a 4-week supply of inventory as safety stock and no anticipation inventory. the vendor has recently announced that they will be building a faculty near haley photocopying that will reduce lead time to one week. further, they will be able to reduce shipments to 200 cartons. haley believes that they will be able to reduce safety stock to a 1-week supply. what impact will these changes make to haley’s average inventory level and its average aggregated inventory value?
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The measure of systematic risk is called...
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